Point-N-Click 2.10

Point-N-Click is a stand-alone on-screen virtual mouse designed for anyone

Point-N-Click is a useful mouse utility specially created to support those people who find it very hard to click or double click a physical computer mouse. The tool is perfect for switching between mouse buttons without clicking, sending virtual mouse click to work on any Windows or DOS application. Point-N-Click is an integration of configuration tools, break timer and virtual mouse tools. Icon-based interface and all the available tools can be used to access any program and perform a number of functions. You can easily configure Point-N-Click with various provided options, selections, and macros. All the included options help the user to change a form's size, set auto select and auto mouse delay times, set the mouse sensitivity, set the break timer interval, adjust transparency levels, get auto dwelling feedback and so on. Via its selections feature, you can choose auto mouse functions, apply auto mouse settings, set keyboard shortcuts, and much more. To make it more useful, the latest version of the tool has been improved with new features.

Venugopal Naidu
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  • It supports all mouse systems like head mice, tablet PCs, and touch screen devices
  • Icon based main window


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